About Tim Paulson

I am Tim Paulson. I like fun stories with characters that have some bite to them. I think situations should make logical sense and go somewhere interesting. That’s the plan, anyway. I’m currently working on Boneknight book five, a major turning point for the series.

Path of Ruin was my debut novel on Amazon. It was a labor of love in a dark time for me. I did two more novels in that series out of sheer stubbornness, despite it not selling terribly well and me not knowing anything about writing.

Now I’m writing the Boneknight series which is a lot of fun. I’ve always wanted to revisit the game worlds I lived in when I was young. I grew up with Final Fantasy, Mechwarrior, Dragon warrior (known to many as Dungeon Quest), and X-COM. These games, along with a whole lot of movies and books, have informed what I think is cool: Impossible odds and grave decisions with monumental stakes.

I want to do nine Boneknights. Yes… nine. Am I crazy? You tell me.

If you like my books, please leave a review. Especially A Grim Demise, which could really use some help from fans.