The stuff I write:

Bone Knight series

A portal litRPG adventure series where part-time barista Max is turned into a skeleton in a world that functions a lot like a familiar 90s RPG.

A skeleton hero summoned to free the last dark god.

Max’s coworkers treat him like hot garbage, and his manager is a superficial dolt. Unfortunately for him, his fate was sealed before he was even born and it’s way worse than working part-time in a coffee shop.

Confronted out of the blue by a floating demonic eye, Max doesn’t take it seriously, because who would? So when the flesh is ripped from his bones and he’s hurled, screaming, into a fantastic and terrifying new world, he’s a little surprised. Told he has only one quest: to free the daughter of the god of death who’s been chained and tortured for centuries, he’s stunned.

Join him as he struggles to learn the game-like He’d better figure it all out quickly. As an unwelcome undead in a world ruled by the tyranny of light, there are entire orders pledged to eradicate his kind. To survive he’s going to need cunning, determination, and a whole lot more than one measly hit point.

No risk no reward… but also no dismemberment.

Max has made powerful enemies who will stop at nothing to hunt him down and stuff his skull into a trophy case. The smartest thing would be to get as far away as he can, fast. Yet there’s a village of goblins asking for his help and they’re offering something tantalizing in return: an airship.

Should Max try to be a hero, even though he knows his win over the paladin was a fluke? Should he risk his boney neck on the off chance he can score a sweet low mileage propeller-driven dream? Will he find some half-decent gear that he can actually wear? Or will it all come crashing down…

When might fails, dark magic calls.

Airship stolen and twice betrayed, Max remains in a city filled with enemies. His countdown continues, recording every waning moment until his final doom. Raeg may be powerful but without Trina Max has no way to plan. Victory over the paladin and his endless soldiers isn’t just fleeting, it’s a liability, causing more problems than it’s solved.

A new item may provide a clue but Max had better figure out what to do, and quickly, or he’ll end up in a situation far worse than death. Perhaps it’s time to try something different.

Arcane Renaissance series

Set during an age of exploitation and plunder where ancient magic has been harnessed to power renaissance era technology, the Arcane Renaissance is an epic fantasy adventure. Swords & sorcery, witches & wizards, gunpowder, cannons, and great granite golems known as goliaths, await the reader in this grand series.

Ancient sorcery has produced a glorious new world that hides a terrible secret.

Henri left his career and fled to the frontier to protect his son. Out here he thought his greatest worry would keep the old forge hot enough to make piles of nails and horseshoes for the locals. He was wrong.

Goliath knight Mia does not belong. She’s a loner who never questions where the power of her weapons comes from or where her orders lead her. All of that is about to change.

When the armies of Baron Halett and the Holy Ganex Empire clash, Henri’s greatest fears will be realized when his boy is infected by nineteen twisted souls. A mysterious figure offers a solution but only if Henri does exactly as instructed, should this person be trusted? Henri has no choice but to set out with Mia on a desperate quest through a world at war to save the child… before he is consumed.

The sharpest blade is the one in your back.

After barely surviving her ordeal at the Veil Institute, Mia’s had enough of Faustland. There’s just one last obligation she has to see through before she takes Adem and moves on. She might return home to Miran or sell her services elsewhere, but wherever it is, it’ll be far away.

Christine, Baroness of Aeyrdfeld, has a plan to recapture her stolen lands. It’ll be risky, but that’s never stopped her before and she won’t let it this time either. With Mia, Liam, Harald and Aaron, she knows it can be done. The only thing that matters is the mission, losses are to be expected.

Neither of them know that Chester Buckley has survived and made a pact with an ancient creature of power with only one goal on its mind: Revenge. It doesn’t care about anything else and neither does Buckley. Christine and Mia will pay.

The kingdom has fallen and from the ashes a new threat has arisen.

Giselle has been left behind, and she’s worried. She wants to find out what’s happened to her family and husband and believes she can handle the answers, no matter what they are. She’s wrong.

Aaron lives, after a fashion. Forced to serve a monster of a man, he’ll do anything he’s told, even kill, and he has. Will he find the strength to free himself from the tomb of stone or will despair consume him?

As the armies of Buckley’s newly formed republic march forth, power in the world will shift again. A great conflict is coming, one that will shake the foundations of the world, smash unbreakable walls, and leave the land soaked with blood…